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What You Need 

Kids Boxing

The Kids Boxing program is designed to promote coordination, teach self-confidence, discipline and respect. As your child becomes more adept and physically fit they will see the positive results as their skill levels increase being able to meet the challenges presented by Bryan. You will see a change in their self-confidence and  as well as their skill level as they progress through classes.


The following equipment is required for boxing:

- 16 oz Boxing (Sparring) Gloves

- Mouth Guard (Already boiled and fitted to you)

- Sparring Headgear

- Boxing No-Foul/Groin Protector (Boxing version of a cup, but protects kidneys, etc.)

- It's also nice to have, but not required to have  boxing shoes.

Whether you are a seasoned amateur or brand new to the classical sport of boxing, we have the training you are looking for. Our Boxing Coach, Bryan Mabry is a Golden Glove Boxer from Philadelphia and can get you the results you want. If you want to get the benefit of training like a professional boxer without getting in a ring, we have you covered.